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ANR Headset Kit


This ANR Headset upgrade kit will fit almost every headset on the market, plus helmets to provide high quality electronic noise cancellation. Comes with full instructions for installation. Flightcell Aviator Supplies offer a full installation service if required.
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  • State-of-the-art noise cancelling circuitry

  • 18-20 db Active Noise Reduction

  • Can be retro-fitted to almost any aviation headset, as well as Helicopter helmets 

  • This noise cancelling system is guaranteed by the manufacturer to meet
     or exceed the performance of any production model ANR headset

  • 18 to 20 db active noise reduction @ 200Hz with an effective range from 20 to 600Hzm

  • Designed to fit almost every headset on the market - both civilian and military headsets and helmets

Details on the Upgrade Kit

The upgrade kit consists of 2 modules that come pre-assembled and will install into the earcups of most headsets.

Also included are a 9v battery case, cables, all installation hardware and detailed instructions.

Some installations may require additional parts.

An installation service is available from Flightcell Aviator Supplies. Headsets - $100.00 ( GST), Helmets - $120.00 ( GST).

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