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GENTEX HGU55E Kevlar Helmet with Visor Assy


The Gentex HGU-55E helmet is a lightweight helmet designed for the G-forces encountered in high-performance, fixed-wing, jet aircraft. This helmet is also popular with helicopter pilots on longline operations.
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  • Impact resistant polycarbonate visor lens protects eyes from harmful UV rays

  • Lightweight construction

  • Electret microphone

  • High noise attenuation ear cup assembly

  • Adjustable nylon straps with leather pads

  • Super-comfortable custom fit leather covered urethane

Details of the HGU55E helmet 

The HGU55E helmet features a tinted visor, leather edgeroll, removable Confor® foam liner, black chin and nape straps, high noise attenuation ear cup assembly, electret microphone with 300 ohm speakers for general aviation, and modular cable assembly with coiled cable terminating in U-174/U plug.

Standard colour is white - custom colours are available - add $100.00 (plus GST for NZ customers).

Single visor is standard - dual visor optional - add $100.00 (plus GST for NZ customers).

Our priceNZ$3,225.00
Excluding GST
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