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Flightcell Aviator Supplies

If you are looking for information on Flightcell DZMIridium Cradle/Mount/Dock and tracking systems, please click here to visit the Flightcell.com website.

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Tracking or Iridium Cradles

Flightcell Aviator Supplies
sell a range of aviation  equipment including headsets, helmets, and active noise reduction modules ( ANR ). We are Authorised Dealers for BOSEMicroAir ,  GSI Helicopter Helmets, Headsets Inc,

We are the manufacturers of the Flightcell DZMxFlightcell Iridium Phone Cradles and Flightcell Pro communications interfaces that allow you to connect your cellphone, Iridium satellite phone and iPod or MP3 music player through to your aviation headset.

Flightcell DZM
integrates Iridium satphone and cellphone voice communications with GPS flight-following in this very compact, lightweight unit. More about DZM...

Flightcell Aviator Supplies is a trading division of Flightcell NZ Limited.

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